Tariq Brown has been a practitioner of the martial arts since 1987, and for over twenty years he has strived for greatness both in and out of the martial arts. Not only as a practitioner and competitor, but as an instructor of the martial arts Master Brown is committed to passing on his knowledge. Through his instruction and competition, Tariq Brown has paved the way for young martial artists as well as teaching them to follow in his footsteps.

Tariq has been known as an innovator. Since the onset of his competition career, he has been a leader amongst the fantastic wave of young martial artists bringing the new extreme martial arts to the forefront of modern society. As a member of the illustrious Team Sidekick International, won multiple world and national titles as well as being inducted into the martial arts Hall Of Fame. Ranked among the top martial artists in the United States and considered by some to be one of the best in the world, Master Brown is constantly traveling, not only to compete, but also to broaden his knowledge of the martial arts and pass that knowledge on to others.

Along side his many achievements Tariq Brown is one of the most sought after martial artists today. At every tournament he attends, Tariq tries to make time to help individuals in the form of private lessons and outside of tournaments he helps instructors teach their students in the form of seminars. He teaches not only his own students, but he also has worked with some of sport karate's most talented and intense martial artists.